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Agile and Scrum Master Certification

AEC-Certified Agile and Scrum master possesses an enhanced comprehension of Scrum methodologies and their execution. They facilitate a positive transformation in their organization by encouraging the adoption of the Agile leadership model that suits their management style. Additionally, they possess expert-level knowledge of Agile methods and Scrum practices.

About the Certification Exam

The Agile and Scrum AEC certification exam is a 3-hour open-book test that consists of 100 multiple-choice and true/false questions. It evaluates one’s understanding of CHRP tool usage and industry practices across various major sections. The exam is graded out of 100 marks and can be taken at over 1,000 testing centers globally.

Requirements for the Exam

No prerequisites are necessary to take the AEC Agile and Scrum Certification Exam

What is the fee for the certification exam?

The exam registration fee is 70 USD.

How to prepare for the Exam?

Individuals who wish to take the Agile and Scrum certification exam can use the AEC Syllabus as a reference guide to prepare for the exam. Moreover, they can also enroll in the Agile and Scrum training program, which is offered by AEC Accredited Trainers and Partners, to improve their readiness for the exam.


Upon passing the exam, candidates will be awarded the AEC Agile and Scrum certification, which remains valid for a lifetime and does not require any renewal. The certification will be issued in the form of a softcopy* (PDF), which includes a Certificate Code, and a Verification Link, as well as the date and time of certification issuance.

*If a hardcopy certification is desired, shipping charges will be applied.

Register Yourself For The Exam

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