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Certified Human Resources Professional - CHRP

Human Resources Professionals with AEC certification have proficiency in crucial human resources areas. Achieving a certification from AEC indicates that they are recognized globally as HR professionals who possess expertise in recruitment, talent management, employee hiring, learning and development, employee relations, compensation, and benefits, HR strategies, and other related domains. A competent HR professional enhances employee productivity and safeguards the organization from potential internal challenges. Attaining Anexas CHRP certification offers worldwide recognition in the field of HR.

About the Certification Exam

The AEC certification exam for Certified Human Resources Professional – CHRP comprises 60 questions and has a duration of 2 hours. It is an open-book exam featuring multiple-choice and true/false questions that assess knowledge across the major sections of CHRP. The exam is graded out of 60 marks and is available for testing at more than 1,000 centers worldwide

Requirements for the Exam

There are no prerequisites required for AEC Certified Human Resources Professional – CHRP Certification Exam

Requirements to pass the Exam

To successfully pass the AEC exam, candidates must obtain a minimum score of 40%

What is the fee for the certification exam?

The exam registration fee is 70 USD.

How to prepare for the Exam?

Individuals aspiring to take the Certified Human Resources Professional – CHRP certification exam can prepare using the AEC Syllabus, which serves as a guide for the exam. Additionally, they can enroll in the Certified Human Resources Professional – CHRP training program provided by AEC Accredited Trainers and Partners to enhance their exam readiness


Candidates who pass the exam will receive AEC Certified Human Resources Professional – CHRP certification with lifetime validity. The certificate does not require any renewal. It will be issued in the form of a softcopy* (PDF), which includes a Certificate Code, a Verification Link, as well as the date and time of certification issuance.

*If a hardcopy certification is desired, shipping charges will be applied.

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