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Business Communication Certification

The AEC Business Communication certification is highly regarded by individuals who want to demonstrate their exceptional communication skills. This certification is a testament to their business acumen and mastery of the language of business. It recognizes both personal and professional accomplishments in effective communication. Certified professionals possess the ability to effectively convey information and exchange ideas among stakeholders within and outside of an organization. Holding this certification offers worldwide recognition for one’s proficiency in business communication.

About the Certification Exam

The AEC Business Communication certification exam is a 2-hour test that includes 120 questions. It is an open-book test with multiple-choice and true/false questions covering all major topics related to Business Communication. The exam is worth 120 marks and can be taken at over 1,000 testing centers worldwide.

Requirements for the Exam

The AEC Business Communication Certification Exam does not have any prerequisites

Requirements to pass the Exam

A minimum score of 40% is required to pass the exam

What is the fee for the certification exam?

The exam registration fee is 30 USD.

How to prepare for the Exam?

Individuals aspiring to take the Business Communication certification exam can prepare using the AEC Syllabus, which can serve as a guide. Moreover, they have the option of enrolling in the Business Communication training program provided by AEC Accredited Trainers and Partners to enhance their exam readiness. 


After clearing the exam, participants will receive AEC Business Communication certification with lifetime validity, which does not require renewal. The certification will be issued in the form of a softcopy* (PDF), which includes a Certificate Code, a Verification Link, as well as the date and time of certification issuance.

*If a hardcopy certification is desired, shipping charges will be applied.

Register Yourself For The Exam

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