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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

An individual with a comprehensive mastery of the full Six Sigma Body of Knowledge is an AEC Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. Furthermore, this person is well-versed in the theories and principles of Six Sigma (as well as the related systems and technologies). In addition, the Black Belt Certification credential indicates that the bearer has a solid grasp of team dynamics, leadership, and how to effectively delegate tasks to team members. Last but not least, this person exhibits a thorough comprehension of the DMAIC model in line with Six Sigma principles, a foundational understanding of lean enterprise concepts, and the ability to recognize “non-value-added” operations with ease.

Different Paths of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification:

There are two ways to become a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certified using the AEC Certification. Those who feel they have a solid comprehension of the subjects included in the “Body of Knowledge” for the Black Belt Certification and have already completed training can take our usual thorough exam.

Instead of taking a single, large comprehensive exam, those who are using one of our Self-Study programs can take multiple short exams as they move through the various sections, either on their own or in tandem with a training provider.

Additionally, as they advance through their certification journey, individuals pursuing the second option towards Certification will be able to earn the different levels of our standard certifications (White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, and Black Belt) without having to pay any additional examination fees.

We will grant our official certification(s) via either route.

For applicants who would like to lower their overall examination/certification fees, experts seeking a thorough refresher, or those who are less experienced with the approach, we believe the Multiple Exam path to be the best choice.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt trained candidates

  1. Who feel they have a solid grasp of the “Body of Knowledge” and have already received training.
  2. who are looking to get certified at just one level.
  3. Who would feel at ease doing their exam in 3 hours?

Self Study Training and certification

  1. who, either alone or in cooperation with a training provider, are using one of our self-study guides.
  2. want to advance through the several “Belt” levels without having to pay extra for exams.
  3. that believe they might require more than three tries to pass the test.
  4. who would like an exam structure without time limits.

At AEC, we provide a diverse range of complementary courses designed to enhance your skill set. From in-depth FMEA (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis) to valuable tips and tricks for successfully passing the Lean Six Sigma exam, and comprehensive interview preparation guidance and also lean six sigma white belt Soft Skills, kano model, 5s certificate, kpi certification. Our courses are tailored to equip you with the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in your professional journey.

Requirements for the Exam

No prior requirements are necessary to be eligible for the AEC Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification Exam.

Requirements to pass the Exam

To obtain the certification, it is mandatory to pass the AEC exam with a minimum score of 40%.

What is the fee for the certification exam?

The registration fee for the exam is 200 USD.

How to prepare for the Exam?

Candidates who wish to take the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification exam can utilise the  AEC Syllabus for their exam preparations. However, if they are not fully prepared, they may attend Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training provided by AEC Accredited Trainers and Partners


Upon successfully passing the exam, professionals will receive the AEC Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification, which has lifetime validity and does not require renewal. The certification is issued in the form of a softcopy* (PDF) that includes a Certificate Code, Verification Link, as well as the date and time of certification issuance. 

*If a hardcopy certification is desired, shipping charges will be applied.

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